Apple, Philippe Starck To Reveal “Revolutionary” Project Prior To Christmas

$10 says it’s an iPhone 5 case.

AFP is reporting Philippe Stark and Apple have teamed up on a project that Starck called “fairly, if not very, revolutionary.” The project is said to drop in time for Christmas.

However that’s where the fun info stops. No other details were given including the nature or scope of this so-called revolutionary project. It could anything from a new consumer product to a “revolutionary” design element of the new Apple HQ. And for what it’s worth, Apple already has their own powerhouse designer in Sir Jonathan Ive.

Starck himself revealed this info to a French radio station today. It’s unclear if it was an unintentional slip or an announcement sanctioned by Apple. But Starck apparently knows Apple. Several of his products are sold in Apple Stores. In fact the designer revealed that he had a personal relationship with Steve Jobs. The two apparently met on a monthly basis for seven years and Starck still returns to Palo Alto to see Laurene Jobs.

Nearly anything could come of this partnership. Starck’s designs and products range from street lights to cutlery to headphones to super yachts. The man and his design firm are apparently comfortable rethinking nearly anything — just like Apple. But if it’s true that said upcoming project is supposed to hit before Christmas, the most important retail time of year, then it’s likely a new consumer product. The Apple HDTV? Perhaps.