The Nokia Lumia 900 Is Now Available In Canada, Hits The UK On April 27th

The Nokia Lumia 900 train is rocking. After its first stop in the US on Easter Sunday, the party moved north of the border where Rogers is now selling the supersized Windows Phone. However, in a few short weeks, the phone will hit the UK on April 27th through Phones4U and Carphone Warehouse. It can be pre-ordered today.

The Canadian version is nearly identical to the one hawked by AT&T in the states including the CA$99 price — expect that’s with a 3-year contract. The rest is the same though including LTE connectivity and Windows 7.5. It’s more of the same in the UK where the only major difference involves the inclusion of HSPA+ instead of LTE.

The Lumia 900 is hitting at an awkward time. It’s a fine device but those looking for a new phone might want to wait a bit longer to see the upcoming competitors. The Samsung Galaxy SIII is rumored to be announced later this month and then of course the iPhone 5 could drop this summer. Patience is a virtue, you know. That said, I’m completely enamored by the Lumia 900. Windows Phone is so efficient and the few native apps are beautiful on the large and bright screen. I just the camera was on par with the one in the iPhone 4S. If you must get a new phone now, the Lumia 900 deserves a look even if it’s on AT&T.