Foxconn Recruiter: We’re ‘Hiring’ For A June iPhone 5 Launch

Come one, come all! Come build the iPhone 5!

In a conversation with TV Tokyo, a Foxconn recruiter mentions that the company is hiring more workers right now to prep for the iPhone 5 launch. “It seems like it will go on sale around June,” he said. The manufacturing giant is apparently looking to add 18,000 souls to its assembly lines to build something.

The interview was seemingly conducted at a distance with the camera filming from a good distance away. There’s a solid chance that the recruiter didn’t even know he was being interviewed nor that he has official information. It should also be noted that recruiters will generally say anything to get people in the door. Come build the iPhone 5, he could say knowing full well that this batch of inexperienced workers will be stuck making Cisco routers instead.

A June launch would return the iPhone back to its traditional summer release schedule. But again, considering the source of this information is just a random recruiter, don’t consider it official — even though true or false, this poor guy probably lost his job over the slip. [Kokatu via WBS