Greylock-Backed Citrus Lane Helps Parents Discover ‘Best Of’ Products For Little Ones

The dawn of subscription commerce has spawned a number of startups in technology including BirchBox, Kiwi Crate, Babbaco and many others. Citrus Lane is one of the latest startups to tackle the model, which sends a box of kiddie goodies to members each month. The startup is focused on parents as the client, and aims to help moms and dads discover interesting and ‘Best Of’ products for those expecting babies, as well as for newborns to three-year-olds.

Each month, Citrus Lane will send parents a box filled with user-tested and vetted toys and products for babies and toddlers. Each month has a theme. So for example, March’s theme for the baby box was “Dining Out With Baby,” and included snack cases, a sippy cup, apple crisps and baby food. The startup prides itself on delivering organic and natural products.

Citrus Lane even offers a box for expectant parents, which includes swaddle blankets, newborn skin balm, body wash, a gift card to Minted for baby announcements, a tin that allows you to take a print of your baby’s first hand or footprint and a rattle; as well as for newly pregnant women.

Each box comes with a pamphlet explaining the origin of each product, and where the product can be bought and price, as well as tips on how to use the item. The box is $25 a month or members can order 6 months for $125, or a year of boxes for $250.

The startup’s founders Mauria Finley and Claire Hough tell me that finding and curating interesting and engaging products for kids is a process that repeats itself in every step of a child’s life. Parents inherently want to be savvy about choosing the best products for their newborns, babies and toddlers to interact with but it can be a challenge to actually find these, vetted products. Citrus Lane solves this problem. “The brand itself is about helping you discover products,” says Finley. And the startup has a parent advisory board to research and test all products.

The company also raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Greylock Partners last year.

Discovery and curation is a key part of the success and appeal of the subscription commerce model. And bringing this experience to a parent who is actively looking for ‘Best Of’ products for their young children could be a winning formula. Most of these recommendations have come through word of mouth. As a soon to be parent myself, I have absolutely no clue where to start looking for the best swaddlers, baby moisturizer, toys and more. And we know time is a premium for parents of small children. For any new parent, Citrus Lane is worth a look.