Condom Or Android Handset Name?

Android phone makers are flooding the market with handsets. If you can’t beat the iPhone in quality, beat it in quantity. But with that comes a problem: They have run out of marketable names. “What phone did you just buy, friend?” “Oh, you know, the new Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD LTE 32GB Special Edition.”

What’s in a Name blog just posted this fun graph comparing condom names and Android phones. As you can see, most swing both ways and where there isn’t crossover, like in the condom called Tingle, it’s not that much of a stretch to imagine the name used — the Samsung Galaxy Tingle. The graph also points out some huge opportunities for condom makers; the Trojan Hero would probably be a bigger success than the HTC Hero.

On the same thought, Yinzcam released the Android Phone Name Generator late last year. This fun little web app spits out potential Android handset names like HTC Hero Plus 3D E Prime and Samsung Wildfire Touch E G1 Z. Apparently it’s also applicable to condoms as well.