Everplaces Joins The Pinterest-For-Location Party

We’ve long been used to book marking web pages, then ‘adding to favourites’ and more, but there is plenty more to be done in this space where location is concerned. Gogobot and Foursquare are doing it in travel and venues respectively. But try going back and finding where you’ve been on Foursquare for instance. There are plenty of location apps, but where’s the utility?

Everplaces is aiming to sort out this mess by making location more more useful. A closed stealth-mode beta has been out since December but now it’s open. You can download the iPhone app here.

Everplaces helps people keep track of places that are relevant and interesting to them, like a personal wish list or to-do list. You can save places directly from websites, import from the now defunct Gowalla and your Google MyMaps history. More integrations are planned.

PinDrop launched recently to let you create that map of places you have been or want to go. But Everplaces is aiming to move that conversation on with greater customization and the ability to categorise. They are the first out of the door while we wait for the likes of Katerina Fake’s Pinwheel to come out of beta, and a couple of others (as you can tell this space is hot).

Discovery is a big part of EverPlaces www.everplaces.com/explore) and you can follow people who interest you, Twitter-like.

CEO Tine Thygesensays: “We’re almost more Pinterest for places… we just don’t use those terms yet since we have more to build on the social and discovery side. Most people now use is as a personal tool. For example, I have a chef friend in NYC I follow for food, and a designer I admire I follow for art.”

Users can set places to private when they save them, or later on so their places don’t appear public. People checking a profile cannot see that person’s places unless they are friends.

It’s beating PinDrop to public sharing, but watch this space. As I said, it’s a hot one.