Now You Can Make Your AT&T Galaxy Note Play Nice With T-Mobile HSPA+

Know what I love about Android hackers? They’ve got moxie. Take a look at these folks on the XDA-developer forums: a user named itsjusttime put up a bounty post offering cold hard cash to whoever could get AT&T’s Galaxy Note I717 up and running on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network.

Now, just over two weeks later, a solution has been found, and it’s surprisingly easy to pull off if you’re willing to get your hands dirty.

It probably goes without saying, but you’re definitely voiding your warranty if you decide to take your Note for a spin on T-Mobile’s spectrum. That’s part of the thrill right? The fix also requires your Galaxy Note to be unlocked and rooted, though apparently it’ll work no matter what ROM you’re running on your device.

A developer who goes by the name Tomin.FHL figured out how to make this happen, and while he offers up some considerable detail in his post, the simple version of the process boils down to two steps. First, flash one of the modem files to your device (your choice, really) using ClockWorkMod recovery, and then reboot the device. Really. That’s it. Once the Note awakens from its slumber, it should be ready to play with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ without any additional coaxing.

As easy as the process can be, this isn’t exactly a project to be undertaken by the squeamish. Reports from people who have already taken the plunge indicate that speeds aren’t yet as fast as a stock T-Mobile HSPA+ device, but it definitely gets the job done and leaves room for other developers to pitch in.