How Forest Whitaker Wants to Crowdsource Filmmaking [TCTV]

Turns out, Forest Whitaker isn’t just an Academy Award winning actor and accomplished producer and director — he’s also really into technology and social media. He brings together both worlds as a co-chair of JuntoBox Films, a brand new kind of movie studio that brings together its own social media platform with a traditional film production process.

Whitaker was at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas this past weekend, where JuntoBox announced it has greenlit its first film, a movie called Passenger — the first of five films the studio plans to produce in 2012. Watch his interview with TechCrunch TV to see him discuss how technology is democratizing the filmmaking process, how Hollywood is slowly getting over its fear of the web, and how many apps he has on his iPhone (spoiler alert: it’s a lot!)