Apps Round-up From The Streets Of Barcelona

We’ve been trawling Barcelona for apps and startups during Mobile World Congress, so here’s a little round-up of some of those that have been plying their wares – many of whom don’t have the cash to exhibit at the official Congress, but who are pitching like mad in the hotel bars of Barcelona.

BearCare from Tagofjoy is an Augmented Reality game with a freemium business model. In the game you have to protect your beloved helpless Teddy Bear and cuddle him to keep him happy (go with it, it gets better). The fun part is that it takes place in a real environment, which is blended with lively and playful 3D bears. The games ha two modes. One is a fast-paced action game, in which you have to protect your helpless bear from unearthly, evil toy bears. Another mode lets you take care of him and keep him happy by cuddling him, playing with him and feeding him when he gets hungry. It’s a Tamagotchi basically, but re-done for a new world.

PlayTales is a an interesting virtual store and publishing platform. It publishes interactive children’s ebooks in 7 languages on Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone and soon a flash web site. It’s basically a dream come true for parents who want to read stories to their kids on an iPad.

Mafuta Go! is a one from left field for you. Coming out of Uganda, this is an app that lets users find the nearest gas station with the cheapest prices. Should you need that.

It’s worth also pointing out that Swiftkey, which we’ve covered before, won the official GMA award for most innovative app, beating Google Wallet.

Here’s a few others, many of which also pitched at the Mobile Premier Awards:

The Social Radio
The Social Radio converts your Twitter stream into a human-friendly audio experience.

Screach is an interactive digital media platform that allows anyone to create real-time 2 way interactive experiences on any screen.

EyeEm is a smart photo sharing App that learns what you love and recommends vibes from like-minded people.

Mobile chat application that runs on all phones from the smartest to the simplest.

Tidy App
Tidy up your iPhone, create your personal box with your favorite photos, videos, contacts and notes.

The Hand
The hand is an IOS and Android OS app that enables you to communicate using sign language, you just type the text you want to communicate.

ReallyLateBooking is a mobile application for same day hotel bookings.

Qminder is the queue elimination system, a free application for the end users to “take their ticket” remotely.

No Te Pases
No Te Pases is an application designed to monitor calls and avoiding they go over the 5, 10 or 15 minute free limit.

My Magic Songs
An interactive application for children with songs that sing their name and where they become the main characters of a story.

A system where citizens can monitor their development, and how the development resources are being used.

A free mobile Southern African quiz game about Gender Based Violence.

Echoecho is the simplest answer to the world’s most-texted question: Where are you?

Watch your Xvid movies on the go from anywhere even if they’re in formats that don’t normally play or sync with your iPad.

CoinKeeper helps managing personal finances like hundreds of other apps but tries to make it innovative and different.

Crucigrama is a crosswords game that uses spanish words to test your spanish.

Geoloqi solves the problem of having to tell people that you’re running late.

This app lets users win money participating in market research from companies.

Food2u is a free app allowing you to order delivery food with greater ease, speed and convenience.

FullControl can control your applications by creating your own commands for each application and share them with others.

Gbanga is a context-aware platform for hosting an unlimited number of mixed-reality quests to play with players around the world.

A privacy-conscious client to use your favorite IM messaging service.

Masabi’s ‘Ticket Machine in your Pocket’ is a rail mTicketing application that allows commuters to simply and securely purchase and display tickets.

Mindscore helps you remember your music scores, turns your iPhone or iPad into a music notebook.

Money Menttor
Money Menttor is a money manager for Blackberry.

Monkey Labour
Retro gaming.

Send your order request to all available taxi drivers in the immediate vicinity.

Very similar to the above.

SKWER are complex puzzles that draw the player into this puzzle game.

Tagwhat is a mobile location guide that lets you visually explore your surroundings through premium multimedia content.

Teradesk is a smart virtual storage and remote access app designed to store, transfer, manage and share files.

Timpik is a social sport network where you can maintain your “sport C.V.” whatever that is.

Traffic Monitor
A simple traffic monitoring app working via sms, mobile web, mobile app and PC.

Video Puzzle
VideoPuzzle lets you turn the world around you into an interactive puzzle. (So does booze).

Where to?
Where To? is a points of interest finder for iPhone.

Yumbling recommends you options of leisure (restaurants, bars, culture…) taking into account your location, lifestyle and preferences.