uberVU Declares The Help Winner of the “Social Oscars”

In the run-up to the Oscars tomorrow, social media intelligence startup uberVU conducted a study of how and where people were talking about the Best Picture nominees.

The data was collected during the week between Feb. 19 and today. The company wasn’t just looking at the number of times a movie was mentioned — it also rated the sentiment of each comment, giving the movies an overall rating between 0 (negative) and 100 (positive). So even though The Artist is largely expected to win by movie industry watchers, it’s actually not the winner of what uberVU is calling the “Social Oscar.” Yes, it received the most social media mentions (68,993), but The Help, with 51,968 mentions, seemed to be better-liked, with “a good range of positive adjectives.”

The Help was the winner with general audiences too — it has the highest domestic gross of any of the nominees, by a considerable margin. No one, however, seems to be predicting that The Help will beat out The Artist for the big award tomorrow night.

I was also curious about how the discussion broke down across different social networking sites. Not surprisingly, the largest number of comments were on Twitter, followed in descending order by public Facebook comments, blogs, and YouTube. Even though The Artist saw the most mentions of all the nominees on Twitter, The Help actually beat it for mentions on Facebook and blogs.

You can see the uberVU-created word cloud for The Help above. And since every startup seems to be contractually obligated to release data in the form of an infographic, here’s a big infographic, too. (In fact, it’s a little big for the TechCrunch layout, so if you want to read all the text, download it or open it in a new window/tab.)