Tabber Adds An LED Light Show To Any Guitar


Tabber is an upcoming Kickstarter project that essentially adds an LED light show to your guitar and, more importantly, allows you to learn to play chords and solos by following the lights on the fretboard.

The idea is definitely not new. The Fretlight guitar beat these guys to the punch and I wonder what patent issues they will have to deal with. However, as an idea, it’s pretty ingenious. The Tabber is a “sleeve” that fits over the neck of your guitar and it should work, as the folks at Tabber reiterate, on any git-fiddle in your possession.

The project uses an open source Arduino board and open source software to drive the lights and/or create an active light show for guitarists who don’t need TAB help and are instead interested in looking like Peter Frampton in the year 2020.

The project is launching soon on Kickstarter and should be an interesting addition to the gigger’s bag of tricks.

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