Awesome Inventory Management Startup Stitch Labs Nabs $1M From True Ventures

Small business inventory management startup Stitch Labs is announcing a $1 million seed investment this morning led by True Ventures. In the same space as Bizelo and Ordoro, Stitch Labs allows design-focused small businesses to organize their CRM, product orders and inventory with custom tailored features like Etsy and Shopify integration.

Stitch founder Brandon Levey started the company when he, as the owner of a small design and manufacturing firm, couldn’t find a satisfactory SasS to manage his own business. He wanted a product that went beyond accounting software, and could pull its weight as an inventory management platform across multiple sales channels.

Levey thus centered the Stitch Labs experience around design and usability, “We are dedicated to working with our customers to make sure that Stitch is powerful and intuitive, ” he told me, “We know we always need to improve our usability but it makes us so proud when a new customer signs up and within an hour or two, without any assistance, starts building hundreds of products, links up their Etsy and Shopify stores, adds contacts, orders, expenses, begins billing customers, and generating sales reports. Pretty awesome.”

Speaking of “awesome,” Levey will use the new funding to expand the Stitch Labs team, “We need to hire some awesome developers (so if they are reading this please apply at” Plans for further shopping cart and marketplace integrations as well as some (yes!) awesome new partnerships are in the works, according to Levey.