‘Go Away! Google Plus’ User Script Lets You Hide Google+

Let’s say that you’re browsing the searchable web at your job, looking for some facts on some hot startup or whatever it is you get paid to do …

You’re sitting there web surfing, just going about your business on Google.com, and all of a sudden it’s like “Well gee I’ve got seven notifications on Robert Scoble Google+ … Well let me just click on this animated red button here …”

“Hmm … well look at this ‘hi sweet baby how r u’ comment some stranger has left on my last post [click] …” And boom, seventeen hours later you wake up deep inside the belly of the Google+ beast, with the crumbs from day-old Dorito taco shells crusted around your mouth and empty Merlot bottles strewn across the floor.

“FROM WHERE YOU ?” some random person from your “Public” circle asks from within your 20-person Google+ hangout. The answer is … “I DON’T KNOW.”

My point is that my Presidents’ Day weekend your whole Google+ K-hole could have been avoided, had I you used “Go Away! Google Plus” a user script that eliminates those pesky (and manipulative) Google+ notifications and requests to share plaguing you every time you visit a Google site, except for when you visit plus.google.com on purpose, of course.

The script can be installed directly from this page in Chrome and needs a Greasemonkey extension to work in Firefox, an extra plugin to work in Safari and what the hell are you doing using IE?

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna go wash Doritos out of my hair. Enjoy!

Image via Guanabee