Code Hero Is A Game That Teaches You To Make Games

“Shoot code here!” Don’t you wish all programming were that easy? You’re working on a huge PHP project for work and you need a dynamic table and all you do is whip out your code gun and shoot some into your IDE. Now you can, at least in a limited sense.

Code Hero is a Kickstarter project that teaches you to program games using Unity or Javascript. You can build games using ready-made building blocks and progress through increasingly difficult levels as you become a gaming master alongside your guide, a robotic Ada Lovelace.

The Unity game engine that Code Hero teaches you how to code in is the ultimate indie game development powerhouse. You can use Javascript, C#, and Python-like Boo to write games that run on everything: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, XBox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, Web player, Flash, Native Client… You can put what you make into the App Stores and have your creations for sale to start your own indie game company! Master the Unity3D game engine from the inside out to make games of your own and become the next code hero!

$42 gets you a pre-order of the game and lesser donations get you sneak peeks and discounts on the finished product. You can also sponsor the makers by sending along a few thousand in order to help kids learn how to program games instead of stare at ready-made titles blankly for hours at a time.

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