AdClarity Tells Advertisers Exactly What The Competition Is Up To

Israeli company BIScience has a launched a new product called AdClarity, which it says will give advertisers more data than they’ve ever had about their competitors’ advertising plans.

CEO Orey Gilliam notes that the online advertising landscape has evolved to the point where there’s rarely a direct link between advertiser and publisher but rather “a complex deployment chain of ads.”Take your normal banner ad. Just by looking at it, you can tell who the advertiser is, and the publisher, but the intermediaries — the ad networks, agencies, and affiliate networks — aren’t apparent, leaving you in the dark if you really want to understand how a campaign was executed. With AdClarity, on the other hand, BiScience claims you can see exactly where a campaign ran, which mediators were used, and what the ad creative looked like.

There were, Gilliam acknowledges, already “hacks” to obtain some of this data, but none as comprehensive as AdClarity: “There are no solutions that do this across sites, calculate share of voice, report trends and add value to marketers.”

BIScience previously released an ad data product called GeoSurf, and it says GeoSurf customers include CPX Interactive, Playfish, Peanut Labs, and Miniclip. The larger goal, Gilliam says, is not just to serve individual advertisers, but also to become the “system of record” for the industry as a whole.

“Right now we are focused on the display channel and geographical targeting, but in the near future we are adding the mobile, social and video channels which cover their demographics and category targeting as well,” Gilliam says. “Once all is in place we will be able to provide actionable insights and analysis across channels, geographies, demographics and categories.”