Filetrek Raises $10 Million For Cloud-Based File Sharing Platform

FileTrek, a new cloud storage and file-sharing platform launching today, has raised $10 million in Series B funding led by Anthem Venture Partners, Telesystem, and Ontario Emerging Technologies Funds.

Filetrek is designed to allow enterprises to add secure file sharing, project collaboration, and the ability for managers to track content and data across thousands of desktops and mobile devices. Using the application, consumers can share files directly from their desktop and access data anywhere from any device, whether they are online or offline.

Filetrek will also tell you the location of a file, who has worked on it, the various changes that have been made to it, and how files are related. All versions of documents and files automatically backup and sync between multiple devices in real-time. Additionally Filetrek aims to solve compliance issues for large businesses by providing audit trail reporting that gives management and IT visibility of all sharing, syncing and versioning activities of a file or its contents.

For larger enterprises, the startup offers an internal FileTrek storage option that allows enterprises to utilize their own internal servers as the host rather than utilize the public cloud.