Tesla Unveils The Model X, An Electric CUV With Futuristic Gullwing-like Doors

Tesla Motors’ family is growing. The company just unveiled its first crossover, the Model X. Like the Roadster and Model S, the Model X is a purely electric vehicle, built on the same platform as the Model S. Tesla says pricing will be similar to that of the Model S, making the base model around $50k after tax credits. But, if all the available options are checked including the largest battery pack and performance drivetrain, the price could close in on $90k. But who cares about the price when the vehicle packs gullwing-like doors — Tesla calls them Falcon Wings, but you can call them awesome.

The Model X is built on the same skateboard platform as the Model S. This shared design allows the for the relatively affordable price. The CUV will come in both rear- and four-wheel-drive flavors with the 4-wheel drive model packing independent electric motors at each axle. Since the larger Model X will use the battery system as the Model S, Tesla says the range on the 40-, 60- and 85-kWh battery packs will be about 10% less.

If the Falcon Wings didn’t convince you the Model X was from the future, just look at the center console. Like the Model S, the Model X employes a massive touchscreen for the infotainment display and climate controls.

Space is abundant in the Model X. Since there isn’t a traditional engine, the Model X has a front and rear storage space. Elon Musk bragged at the unveiling that there’s enough room in the front storage compartment as the Audi Q7 has in the rear.

Tesla is now taking reservations for the Model X. But you’re going to be waiting a while. Tesla doesn’t expect production to begin until 2014.

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