Keen On… Samir Arora: Glam Does Food With (TCTV)

The pioneer of vertical media, they call themselves. And Glam Media, the publishing network with more than 220 monthly million uniques, announced today their “logical next play” – a vertical food network called Foodie that will offer a social, interactive network (Portal 2.0?) for food bloggers, critics, chefs and, of course, eaters.

But, as Glam’s co-founder and CEO Samir Arora told me when he came into our San Francisco studio today, Foodie isn’t just another of Glam’s vertical plays. It represents what he calls a “step further” in Glam’s attempt to dominate what Arora calls the “lifestyle” sector. Foodie, Arora indicated, will be more social and more mobile than his company’s other verticals and, I’m guessing, will be a prelude to other Glam offerings in travel and wine.

And that much rumored Glam IPO, I asked Arora. Could be the next next logical play in Glam’s relentless march to verticalize the Internet?