German Court Upholds Previous Ruling, Says The Reworked Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N Can Be Sold

Mark one up for Samsung. After months of legal and PR battles, the South Korean company is finally able to sell and market their iPad clone in Germany. Just don’t call it an iPad clone anymore. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N (pictured left) is slightly different from the iPad — but that’s all that matters.

Samsung released the Galaxy Tab 10.1N late last year. This version features a silver boarder around the screen’s black bezel. The speakers were also relocated in a stereo configuration and now flank the screen. The original GalTab 10.1 was a blatant iPad ripoff. This version at least looks slightly different.

The Dusseldorf Regional Court said there are “clear differences” between the 10.1N and Apple’s iPad, essentially clearing it for retail sale. This ruling shoots down Apple’s request for a preliminary injunction. No doubt Apple’s all-star legal team will fight the decision, but they’re quickly losing support. The reworked 10.1N at least appears to be significantly different from the iPad — at least to the point that any 10.1 slate can look different from another one.