Analytics Dashboard Netvibes Sold To Dassault Systèmes

Netvibes has just been acquired by European product design company Dassault Systèmes (sure this isn’t the type of thing I usually write, but I like the founder Tariq Krim so bear with me here … ).

French startup Netvibes is a sentiment analytics dashboard that allows Fortune 500 companies to track their social media presence throughout the realtime web. Dassault is a “3D experience” design company — which lets designers virtualize how products will work in the real world — so the acquisition actually seems jarring at first, but Netvibes CEO Freddy Mini tells me that the buy actually makes sense in terms of connecting what people say about a product to its design process through the Netvibes dashboard.

“With the birth of the real-time Web, companies need to adapt to everything and everyone inside and outside their borders. To accomplish this, we need a way to connect and combine different products and uses, internal and external data sources, personal and professional apps, and human curation and algorithms—across all devices and departments, in real-time and in context,” Dassault Systèmes President and CEO Bernard Charlès wrote in a release.

“It is the synchronization of the outside world and the inside world into one world,” Mini said over the phone.

The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, but Mini says that the deal made, “everyone happy” — in a French accent, of course.