Akamai Acquires Website Performance Company Blaze Software

After scooping up rival Cotendo for $268 million recently, content delivery and web services giant Akamai is making another acquisition today—Blaze Software. Blaze’s technology helps accelerate speed of Websites, and optimizes load times while cutting bandwidth costs. Financial details of the dealn were not disclosed except that it was an all-cash transaction.

As Akamai explains, there are more performance bottlenecks for website load and speed times, as richer web applications and mobile web sites become more popular. Blaze’s cloud-based service automatically optimizes the code on a web page during the delivery process to ensure faster transmission of content and a faster rendering of the page, whether served to a PC, tablet or smartphone.

“As businesses provide rich, interactive web experiences online and across devices, it is vital that end users receive a consistently high-performing site,” said Rick McConnell, executive vice president of Products and Development, Akamai in a statement “We believe Blaze has developed a powerful solution for frontend optimization, and that its cloud-based services approach is synergistic with Akamai’s offerings. The team at Blaze will be an important addition to our focus on site acceleration. Our goal continues to be providing customers with the most comprehensive set of technologies to optimize all aspects of their site performance.”

Akamai plans to integrate the technology into its global cloud platform to help its enterprise customer provide secure, high-performing user experiences on any device, anywhere. the company was founded in 2010 and is based on Ottawa, Canada.