First speakers for the London Web Summit

As I mentioned the other day, the startup competition aspect of GeeknRolla and the Dublin Web Summit, have come together to create the London Web Summit on March 19th in The Brewery Venue, London.

I’ll be co-curating the Summit along with Paddy Cosgrave and chairing the start up competition, which you can apply to enter by clicking here.

The first speakers for the event are below. We’ll be announcing more shortly.

Shervin Pishevar is something of the VC of the moment, backing startups like Uber. Ben Milne is disrupting payments with Dwolla. Morten Lund is one of the early backers of Skype and now is in Tradeshift and Everbread, disrupting travel and invoices. And Lars Hinrichs created Xing and now runs European accelerator HackFWD. Reshma Sohoni is a Partner of SeedCamp, the hugely influential seed fund.

You can grab a ticker here and the ‘2 for 1 voucher’ closes today.

It should be an interesting event.