Want To Get Poached? Try JobPoacher

Judging from every single TechCruncher’s inbox right now¬†word on the street, there are job poachers amongst us. That’s cool, all’s fair in love and war and technology recruiting, right? Except when it’s not which, in a world filled with people who just want to win at any cost, is pretty damn often.

But let’s pretend for a second that you’re not as fantastic and amazing and desirable as a TechCrunch writer. What happens if you want to be poached!? Well, If you’re actively looking to be recruited like the rare species of programming fauna that you are, look no further than JobPoacher, which allows people who are in the market for a new employer to advertise as such, anonymously.

Just plug in your current salary, desired salary, email and locale, and JobPoacher does the rest. “I was inspired by the news of anti-poaching ‘gentleman’s agreements’ between high-tech companies,” explained JobPoacher creator John Everett about the inspiration behind the project, ‘I thought to myself, ‘I bet a lot of people out there would love to get poached from their jobs.'”

Indeed! So far the site has seen over 500 job postings, and over 100 emails have been sent to [the] postings from recruiters in the past 24 hours, according to Everett.

So how you like them apples?