Report: Nintendo Considering Changing The Wii U’s Name

The Wii U brand is a bit underwhelming. At best it builds upon a very successive product. But at worst the name suggests its simply an add-on rather than a completely revamped system. A new report just surfaced that sources a Nintendo insider stating the company is considering renaming the next-gen Wii.

Nintendo is quickly spiraling down. The Wii U — or whatever it’s to be called — needs to be a hit. Nintendo cannot misplace another piece in Tetris.

CVG is reporting that following the 3DS disaster the 100-year old gaming company might change its Wii U strategy prior to E3 in June. The 3DS name is essentially the same naming convention as Wii U — a play on the name of the predecessor. However, consumers have seemingly been put-off by the name causing Nintendo to spend more marketing on the 3DS’ name rather than the 3DS’ features.

That can’t happen with the Wii U. Nintendo experienced a net loss of $630 million between April and December of 2011. It needs the Wii U to be an instant hit. The console is set for a 2012 release. Nintendo just needs to decide if it needs a name change (it does).