Between Nothing And A Blog: Check Out CheckThis, A Cool New Micro-Publishing Tool

I don’t often get a chance to write about a startup from my home country (Belgium) that I’m super excited about, so consider me a happy camper. Meet, a new micro-publishing service that lets you create and share a single, good-looking Web page in mere seconds.

CheckThis is designed for people who need a little more space than a tweet but don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a new blog. In literally instants, you can use CheckThis to create a stand-alone page to sell your bike, hire a new developer for your startup, tell people what you’ve been up to today, set up a really quick poll, share an Instragram or Flickr photo, a party invitation with a map, a Vimeo video or whatever other casual need you might have. Quick, simple, beautiful.

CheckThis creator Frédéric della Faille describes the service as ‘between nothing and a blog’ and also ‘tweets with attachments’, both of which are decent ways to illustrate what CheckThis is about.

Ultimately, his goal was to create a publishing tool that helps people do things online that usually take some time (like selling a product, posting a recruitment ad and whatnot) and make the experience as rapid and smooth as posting a status update on Twitter or Facebook, no registration required.

Without any marketing, apart from della Faille telling some of his friends about the tool, CheckThis users have created more than 10,000 personalized pages in the past 3 months, including this great one entitled People with Lana Del Rey lips. So what do you want to do?