Heyzap Announces Mobile Gaming Partners: PocketGems And More

Gaming startup Heyzap first launched its social discovery service for mobile games nearly a year ago. Now it’s unveiling the first list of partners who are using the service.

Some of these partnerships weren’t exactly a secret before — you could just open up the Heyzap app and see which games were available. But now the startup is really trumpeting those partnerships, in part to show off some of the big names who are buying into its vision.

“Foursquare has its location network, Instagram has its picture network, Socialcam has its version of that,” says co-founder Jude Gomila. “No one’s really built the gaming community yet. They’ve done it in hardcore gaming … but no one’s done it for the Angry Birds and Farmville generation.”

Specifically, with the Heyzap Android and iOS apps, users can share the mobile games they’re playing by checking in, and they can also find new games and new people to play with.

Heyzap says it now partners with a total of more than 800 game developers. The new partner list includes Spacetime Studios (which integrates Heyzap into Pocket Legends and Star Legends), Nubee (Japan Life), PocketGems (Tap Zoo and Tap Zoo: Santa’s Quest), Bionic Panda Games (Aqua Pets), Magma Mobile (Bubble Blast Sports and MatchUp People), Digital Chocolate (Millionaire City), GameDuell (Fluffy Birds), Animoca (Pretty Pet Salon and My Car Salon), Fluik (Office Jerk and Office Zombie), Get Set Games (Mega Jump), BBC (Torchwood: Web of Lies), and Vostu (Elemental and Meow).