Capsule Wants To Be Your One Stop Shop For (Private) Events

Events management startup Capsule describes itself as a little bit of Path, Color, Evite and GroupMe, but also none of those things according to co-founders Cyrus Farudi and Omri Cohen.

From what I can tell, the startup is attempting to fix the beleaguered events space, which is basically something which could be totally amazing if Facebook separated its Events vertical into a separate “Messenger” type app. Oh Lord please do this.

With Capsule your every connection is defined by the “Who,” “What,” “Where,” ‘Why ” graph of experience. The startup views itself as a one stop shop for events, sort of like an Erly with added scheduling and coordination capabilities.

So Capsule’s angle on Facebook and loophole into eventually winning in the space is thus, explain co-founders Cyrus Farudi and Omri Cohen, “A lot of people see Facebook as sharing within the construct of friendship. [With Capsule] there’s no need to “friend” someone. Just text the phone number associated with every Capsule and everyone assigned gets the info which includes a Group text number and an email address.”

Good luck.

Capsule is also available via mobile iOS app here and here in the Android market. You can also try it out at