Lost And Found In The Paneldome: The iRiffPort

We get mailed a lot of stuff at TechCrunch and sometimes a good item will slip through the cracks. This iRiffPort has been sitting in my pile of gear since it came out in October. I wrote a review. Shot some photos. It was all ready to roll and then somehow it got misplaced and I forgot about it completely. Too bad, because it is a good cable.

This week, I received a postcard from Kevin Robertson, head honcho at PocketLabWorks and also the creator of the iRiffPort. He asked me what I thought of his device (and the software with which it works). The iRiffPort…Oh yeah, I think I remember that I liked that thing. What happened to it? I dug through my closet, found it, plugged it in and lo and behold, I had remembered correctly—it was a solid device.

So I decided to rewrite this post and do a Paneldome video demo, not because the iRiffPort is breaking news—it’s been out for 3 months—but rather because it is good. It’s a good cable and the software it works with, while not dripping with features, is solid and easy to use.


  • Solidly constructed
  • Six feet long
  • Feels like a real guitar cable
  • Built in headphone and line out jacks
  • Works well with PocketAmp and PocketGK iOS apps


  • A bit on the expensive side at $99
  • I would prefer it in black instead of white

To hear how a bass guitar sounds playing through the iRiffPort and PocketGK for iOS, just checkout the video below.