Patent Troll Buys ADAPTIX (And Its 4G Technology Patents) For $160M

The 4G wireless technology space is heating up, so expect vultures.

Acacia Research Corporation, a massive patent holding group with dozens of subsidiaries in the business of exploiting intellectual property by means of lawsuits and aggressive patent licensing schemes, this morning announced that it has acquired ADAPTIX, a 4G wireless technology company that originally started out in 2000 under the name Broadstorm and was owned by PE firm Baker Capital.

Acacia Research is paying $160 million for the company, which has $10 million in cash, primarily to obtain ADAPTIX’ portfolio of 230 issued and pending patents in 13 countries.

The patents in question are said to cover a broad range of 4G technologies, including OFDMA and MIMO.

Guess what’s going to happen next.