Anthony Ha Joins TechCrunch

Blogging is still a relatively young part of the media industry. But already there are a cadre of professional reporters who cut their teeth blogging, who are used to the pace and get an adrenaline rush from covering events as they unfold. Anthony Ha is one of them, and I am very pleased to announce that he will be joining the TechCrunch writing staff next week in San Francisco.

Anthony (pictured here writing furiously at a conference) comes to us from AdWeek, where he is currently a staff technology writer. Before that was one of the most prolific bloggers at VentureBeat, which is where I first noticed him. (Another one of our recent hires, Eric Eldon, also hails from there).

Anthony will be covering media in its many forms, and particularly the transformation of traditional media by new technologies. He’ll bring more stories to TechCrunch about both media startups broadly defined and the media industry, as well as online advertising (one of the great engines of the internet). And like the rest of the TechCrunch writing crew, he will cover general news and write about whatever the hell he wants. Please give him a hearty TechCrunch welcome.

(And, yes, we are still hiring more great writers).