Watch This Phone Survive A Dip In The Drink Thanks To HzO

If it’s not immediately obvious, that is a Samsung Galaxy S II being submerged in a glass of water. While that sight would cause many a mobile buff to break down in tears, this particular phone continues to work fine thanks to some impressive waterproofing technology from HzO.

It’s not exactly the newest thing we’ve seen here at ShowStoppers, but it’s easily the one I wished I could have for my phones immediately.

In short, the process goes like this — the waterproof thin-film coating is turned into a gas in order to be applied to the device in question, which allows for full coverage of its internals. The process sounds pretty complex, so don’t expect to be able to do the same in your garage anytime soon.

Still, the end result is undeniably impressive. In addition to the Galaxy S II taking a swim, an iPod nano was thrown in there for good measure with no ill after effects in sight. As it stands, HzO is currently in talks with hardware manufacturers in an effort to get their waterproofing process used in future devices, but they’ve got some considerable support as it stands — Li Ka-shing just recently acquired a $3 million stake in the company.