Intel @ CES2012: Windows 8 Will Bring Us Some Wild New Form Factors

In addition to some new form factors, Intel showed us some interesting new Windows 8 interface ideas. Keep in mind that these are proofs-of-concept rather than working devices, so they may or may not actually appear on the market.

The most interesting new UI demo was the Nikishki notebook, a clamshell with a big transparent trackpad below the keyboard. The trackpad works as a traditional trackpad and then “disables” when you press your palms on it to type. Then, when you close the laptop, some of the screen is visible and you are able to see and use the Windows 8 tiles available through the transparent portion.

This could trickle into the current Intel ecosystem (but it might not) but it was a very cool concept.

Another concept was a Kinect-like gesture control for laptops that lets you make gestures in the air to control the system.

It’s a bit goofy but, in addition to gyroscopic controls and the new Nuance voice controls, you’re looking at what amounts to a few new ways to control your PC.

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