What Witchery Is This? A Cardboard Camping Pot?

This Kickstarter project aims to rend the very fabric of space and time. The product is a camping pot for boiling water and doing a little cooking in a pinch but get this: the pot is made of paper.

The pot is completely biodegradable and folds flat in your backpack. It’s mostly designed for a single use although you can feasibly boil a few bottle-fulls of water in it over time. The foods you cook must contain water but they are not limited to highly liquid consumables:

The main intended use is for cooking liquid food such as water, coffee, milk, hot chocolate, green tea, etc. It has been tested to also be used for cooking pasta, soup, chili, shabu shabu, ramen noodles, or udon, etc., as long as it contains liquid.

Made by a company called Energia, these pots will cost a few dollars and pledge of $75 gets you 32 cooking pots. There’s no description of how this works so I suspect they’re just using Dragons Bane or some other fireproof elixir to keep these pots from burning up. They’ve raised $500 so far out of $25,000, so you’d be getting in on the ground floor.

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