Mobile Social Network Startup Raises $2.7 Million, a stealth startup incubated by Palo Alto, California-based Archimedes Labs has raised $2.7 million in Series A funding according to an SEC filing. The company earlier secured $600,000 in seed financing from SV Angel, Google Ventures, True Ventures, Betaworks, CrunchFund and a couple of other high-profile investors such as Don Dodge and Michael Parekh.

I reached out to Keith Teare, CEO and sole founder of (and also technically also a co-founder of TechCrunch, for full disclosure), but he politely declined to comment on the funding round.

Sources close to the company, however, were kind enough to inform us that the Series A round was led by a new investor, namely Khosla Ventures, and that True Ventures also participated again.

Teare tells me he’ll have more to share about the company’s vision when gears up for public launch, which should occur in March 2012.

From what I’ve gathered so far, the company is building a ‘new type of social network’ that lives on your smartphone and the cloud and can be accessed from your desktop browser, rather than the other way around (e.g. what Facebook does). Basically, it sounds like wants to turn your phone into the post-PC centerpiece of your social graph, and not just a tool to gain access to it.

More once we learn more.