CrunchDeals: Get Yourself A Thing-O-Matic For $999

Makerbot’s Thing-O-Matic is pretty pricey – $1,299 for the kit and $2,500 for the assembled kit – but (and this is my professional opinion) it is amazing and everyone in the world should own one. That said, has a special deal on Thing-O-Matics this week – $999 for the kit and $2,000 for the assembled device – one of the first and biggest discounts ever on the entire system.

You can check it out here but you’ll have to create an account to pick it up at this price. The sale started yesterday so you have two days left to pull the trigger.

Why do you want a 3D printer? Heck if I know, but I think 3D printers are kind of like color printers in 1990. You never really thought you’d own one but they were pretty darn cool and eventually the price will be so low that everyone has one.