Pandora Presents: From The Web To Live Concerts And Back

Music lovers, take note. After Pandora earlier this month announced that they would be launching a series of free, live concerts for some of their listeners, the personalized radio service this morning announced that it has extended the offering with a dedicated online hub.

Dubbed Pandora Presents, the hub will feature live concert series, starting with the performance of rock band Dawes in Portland, organized earlier this month. Expect behind-the-scenes video content, interviews with artists and fans, and select parts of the (meaning not the entire) concert.

All artists who participate in Pandora’s live concert series – and the company has repeatedly promised to organize a bunch more across different U.S. cities in 2012 – will be showcased on Pandora Presents. The site also currently features a “curated mixtape” with up to 100 songs selected by Dawes and the company’s experienced music analysts.

The interesting part about the Pandora live concerts series is the fact that the company smartly decided to tap into user data to determine who gets free tickets for performances, and which artists are selected to play in which region.

For one, invitations are sent to listeners based on their musical preferences as determined by the personalized radio stations they’ve created on Pandora, or the songs they’ve given a thumbs up.

Personally, I think it’s a brilliant idea to leverage data gathered from website usage and translate that knowledge into relevant offline activity that can, in turn, enhance the Web experience even more.