Rooted MotoACTV Brings Web Browsing And Angry Birds To Your Wrist

Fitness watches are one thing, but how about a fitness watch that lets you play a few levels of Angry Birds in between wind sprints? Motorola’s MotoACTV debuted alongside the Droid RAZR not too long ago, and one developer has finally taken it upon itself to unleash its full potential.

The hack comes courtesy of developer Chris Wade, whose past endeavors include the Dingleberry PlayBook root method and the (ill-fated) iEmu project. While he’s best known for his software projects, he’s quite the hardware buff too — before working getting to work on a root process, he felt the need to tear the thing apart first.

Unlike some of the other Android-powered watches we’ve seen pop up in recent months, the MotoACTV actually sports a half-decent spec sheet. During the teardown, Wade found a 600 MHz OMAP 3630 processor and 256 MB of RAM, which provides enough oomph to handle nearly everything Wade threw at it. After he managed to finagle the Honeycomb launcher and Market access onto the little guy (check the video below), the end result was a compelling lilliputian Android tablet.

I’ve got to admit — I always thought that the idea of a fitness-focused Android watch would be a tough sell, but between Motorola’s recent updates and Wade’s new root method, the MotoACTV is shaping up to be a pretty tempting buy for fans of wearable tech.

If you already own a MotoACTV and you’re itching to make your MotoACTV all that it can be, Wade has posted a tutorial for rooting the device on his site. Happy hacking!