Lingibli Wants To Be Your Semi-Virtual Language Coach

Language learning is arguably still a hot topic in the realm of internet startups and with a market that is said to be reaching more than $90 billion it is even more interesting. But only few manage to attract users, such as Busuu, who is now seeing 10 million signed up users. Bratislava based Startup Lingibli, also wants to help you learn a new language, strictly speaking one of 18 languages that are currently offered through the site. The concept however is pretty new since it’s not tighed to online courses or subscriptions but rather on a mobile app (on Android and iOs) and print material (sic!). At first, that might sound awkard, but the startup claims that 50% of all conversations are made up of approx. 100 words and at first knowing these 100 words is essential for understanding a language. Starting to learn a language is surely a difficult barrier to cross.

That method is comparable to the Berlitz method, where language learning starts through conversation not through grammar exercises. Lingibli applies that to QR-readable mini print outs, that have single terms on them and that are supposed to be spread out throughout your home or office and can thus be learned within your daily routine.

As with many other industries it’s incredible that all those language publishers out there, such as Pons or Langenscheidt are far away from any serious internet endavours. I am not aware of any investments, let alone acquisitions, that have been made by such publishers nor are there any significant larger startups incubated or founded within those publishers.

The sheets are free of charge and no hint of the business model yet. It was co-founded by Raffael Kellner, Milan Schnorrer and Matej Ftacnik.