Amazon Finally Releases OTA Kindle Fire Update To Address Performance And Touchscreen Issues

Great news, Kindle Fire owners. Amazon just announced the long overdue Kindle Fire update that’s said to resolve many of the issues with the budget tablet. Most of the common complaints are addressed: owners can now select and remove items from the carousel, the WiFi system is more robust and supports passwords, but most importantly, update 6.2.1 reportledly improves overall performance and the touchscreen response.

This update has been needed from the moment the Fire hit the scene. The first round of reviews praised the Fire for its overall value but pointed to sluggish performance as the device’s major downfall. Amazon maintained a system update would resolve many of the problems. Hopefully this is the update Fire owners have been waiting for.

Update 6.2.1 should start hitting Kindle Fires soon but owners can force an update using the files and instructions here. As with any system update, make sure the Kindle has ample battery life. You’ll also need a USB cable if you’re going to update the tablet manually. The bad news is that the update breaks current jailbreaking utilities including SuperOneClick. Whether done OTA or manually, the update should make Fires burn bright with a renewed vigor. The Kindle Fire isn’t going to die out anytime soon.