Allmyapps hits 2.5 million Windows apps users, now plans for Android

Allmyapps has grown a lot since we last covered them. They had 100,000 users back in April, but recently hit 2.5 million. But with the news that Miscrosoft will develop its own Windows Apps store, they will have to “pivot”, as they say. Thus they are repositioning as a “Personal App Manager” to go beyond the Windows world. What does that mean?

Well, there are many app stores and and no centralised way to backup, install and sync. Allmyapps now plans to automatically detect and saves all the apps you use, be they desktop, web or mobile, to provide you with a central hub to manage software across all your devices.

You can already do this with its 15,000 Windows PC applications but now they plan to building synchronicity between PCs and your Android apps and devices, in the same way that Dropbox allows users to share, synchronize and save files on multiple devices.

Thibauld Favre, co-founder estimates that by 2015 over 300 million people will own at least three different devices, each installing more than 200 apps a year. That seems highly probable.

This is a startup to watch in 2012.