With 1.6 Million Daily Users, Cut The Rope Launches A Comic Series

Cut The Rope is popular. Anyone who’s ever spent 30 seconds looking at the App Store’s Top 10 list could tell you that. But just how popular is it? How many people do you think are actually playing with that little candy-obsessed green dude each day? 1.6 million. That’s how many. 1.6 million unique users, daily. Ridiculous.

Lookin’ to tap that monstrous money keg for a few more greenbacks (or, as they so eloquently put it, to “broaden the reach of the Cut the Rope brand”), ZeptoLab has just launched a digital comic series focusing on the game’s main character, Om Nom.

I won’t delve too deep into the plot here, but as you might imagine (if you’ve played the game), it involves Om Nom, some rope, and some candy (spoiler alert: he eats the candy.)

“But wait, Greg! Didn’t they launch a comic quite a while ago?”

Almost — but not quite. They announced the comic back in July, with intentions to ship it in August. It took a bit longer than expected to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, but they’ve managed to sneak it onto the App Store just in time for the holiday rush. Interestingly, the company had previously mentioned physical copies of the comic being printed — no word on where those went, as of yet. (Update: The company says the print books were always intended to launch a bit later than the digital copies, and that they’re still planning to release them.)

Three digital issues are available now. First one’s free, and the rest will set you back 2 bucks a pop. You can find the comic book app in the App Store here.

Oh, and for those scroungin’ for a few more Cut The Rope stats:

  • Cumulatively (across iOS and Android) they’re sitting at around 60 million downloads. For comparison’s sake, competing mega-franchise Angry Birds broke through 500 million back in November.
  • ZeptoLab has 19 employees now, the majority of which are in Moscow.