fPrivacy Lets You Control Facebook App Permissions

fPrivacy is a Chrome plugin that lets you granularly opt out of stalker-esque Facebook app permissions like “Post to my wall” or “Access profile info” whenever the app authorization dialog appears. Woohoo!

Creator Chad Selph made the extension because Facebook apps have been too grabby for far too long — taking an all or nothing approach to permissions.

fPrivacy sets those gladhandling apps straight by allowing you to specify which permissions you want to allow versus which you’d like to block. And the best thing about fPrivacy is that I helped Selph come up with the logo/name — Come on, think about it …

Said Selph somewhere in the process, “Someone from github suggested Defangbook which I also like, because then the logo could have fangs. I kind of feel like it might be too cutesy or clever or something though. I’m about 82% convinced on fPrivacy.”

I’m 100% convinced, Chad. fPrivacy for President. fPrivacy, for when you don’t want some shadyass Facebook app posting to your wall, but you still want to read your Biotrend Horoscope or whatever.

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