LG’s Optimus LTE Android Phone Goes On Sale In Japan

Japan’s biggest mobile carrier NTT Docomo has introduced LG’s awesome Optimus Android phone in Japan yesterday. It’s compatible to Docomo’s 4G service Xi and follows the launch of the handset in Korea and North America.

The Docomo version comes equipped with NFC and a digital TV tuner for Japanese users wanting to watch 1seg channels on the 4.5-inch, 1280×720 IPS display. LG did not build in an infrared connection, however (which many Japanese mobile subscribers got used to on their feature phones).

It also features other Docomo-specific bells and whistles, like access to the docomo market (the carrier’s Android marketplace), or the so-called “Palette UI” (an interface designed by Docomo for their Android phones). LG also manufactured a version in red, which is only available in Japan (in addition to the black version).

I had the chance to try the Optimus out in Tokyo (where I live) today, and the LTE connection was – not a big surprise – super-fast (see below).