Kiersten Hollars Moves From Aol Comm VP To Andreessen Partner

PR guru Kiersten Hollars is moving from AOL VP to Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, we’ve confirmed with Andreessen. From her former boss Brad Garlinghouse; “Kiersten is a rock star… ran all of PR and marketing for the entire mobile, apps & commerce team. [She was] a loved manager of the team and cultural ambassador of what the AOL culture *should* be!!”

Come January, Hollars will be reporting to Andreessen Head of Marketing Margit Wennmachers, who has been recruiting her for an entire year to join her now four person team.  Her formal title will be “PR Partner” at A16z.

Hollars has gone from Outcast to Yahoo to Digg to AOL, following executive Brad Garlinghouse in his career post-Yahoo. Garlinghouse notably exited AOL recently and is working on something new and undisclosed. For the first time in awhile, Hollars obviously will not be joining him.

“She has great experience and is just a gem of a person,” Wennmachers explained on why she brought Hollars on to the 30 person Andreessen team, telling me that her primary duties will include scaling the marketing and PR efforts for all 80 companies in the A16Z portfolio. “She’s going to be plenty busy,” Wennmachers said.