Archimedes Labs Launches As An Incubator For Mobile Startups

Archimedes Labs, a new incubator and investment vehicle focused on mobile, is launching today. The incubator is co-founded by Keith Teare, a serial entrepreneur and a co-founder of TechCrunch. Teare previously co-founded RealNames Corporation, and The EasyNet Group.

Teare explains that the thesis for the incubator is based on the premise that the future architecture of software and application is moving to an app and cloud-centric world where mobile is central and the web becomes less and less important. Archimedes Labs will be focused on investing, incubating and accelerating startups that are trying to exploit the shift in gravity from web to mobile, he says.

The fund, which has under $1 million in management, will incubate one or two ideas, invest in startups at the seed level, and accelerate the development of startups as well. One of these ideas is stealthy startup

Teare adds that the Betaworks-like incubator evolved from Archimedes Ventures, an investment vehicle created by TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington and Teare in 2005.

The managing entity in charge of Archimedes has a number of partners including Teare, Kambiz Hooshmand (a former senior executive at Stratacom, Cisco SVP; and CEO at Applied Micro); Jay Borenstein (former CEO at Integrated Appliance and mentor at StartX, the Stanford Incubator); Patrick Gannon (a founder at Lending Club); Kevin Doerr; Matt Kaufman and Bess Ho.

In 2011, Archimedes has incubated, entered into an acceleration agreement as a co-founder at stealthy startup Blurtt and invested in Quixey, Incident Technologies and Broomstick Productions. And Teare says we can expect more in 2012.