Watch Out Zynga, Japanese Gaming Company GREE Is Aggressively Hiring In Silicon Valley

It’s no secret that Japanese mobile social gaming company GREE is aggressively pursuing the U.S. markets, especially with the $104 million acquisition of mobile gaming platform OpenFeint earlier this year.

Now with sights set on establishing a large engineering and development presence in Silicon Valley, the company has added a new billboard on I-80 northbound to advertise for job openings in the company’s California office. This is the third billboard GREE has put up to attract talent (the others are positioned on highway 101).

Of course the Japanese company faces stiff competition from talent from Zynga, EA, CrowdStar, and the many other gaming companies in the U.S.

But GREE is hoping that game developers and designers will flock to the company (perhaps some of those that are discontent at other gaming companies in the area) to work on its soon to be released mobile social gaming network for the global market.

GREE, which is on track to generate $1.7 billion in annual revenues, says it plans to double its U.S. headcount with 100 new hires over the course of 2012.

Check out my colleague Erick Schonfeld’s interview with GREE founder and CEO Yoshikazu Tanaka here.