Netflix Gets In On The Kinect Magic, Reveals New Xbox 360 Experience

Surprise! The big Xbox 360 update started hitting consoles late last night and brought along with it a new Netflix app. This overhauled user experience incorporates the new Kinect voice and gesture controls with a swanky new UI. It nearly turns the Xbox 360’s Netflix app into a movie selection device worthy of a starring roll alongside Tom Cruise in a modern sci-fi adventure that rhymes with Sinority Beport.

The redesign puts a lot more content in front of the viewer. The Recently Watched tabs, Instant Queue, and recommended lists now display three times more titles. Plus, when a video ends, a screen will appear display three related titles (think YouTube). Most of the user elements including related titles, rating, subtitles, and audio settings now occupy similar buttons at the bottom of the screen, eliminating menu overload.

The app also gets in on the new Kinect actions. Users can control nearly the entire app with just voice controls and motion gestures. Of course a Kinect is required.

The updated Netflix app is ready to rock and roll, but users need to initiate the download after applying the latest system update.

Several users took to YouTube after stumbling upon the app last night. Below is the best video demonstrating the new features I could find. Now that Netflix made the new experience official, I’m sure more will pop up.