The BBC’s Entire Hour-Long Facebook Special Is Pulled From YouTube

The BBC did an hour-long special on Facebook, including interviews with Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, as well as cameos by Ron Conway, David Kirkpatrick, and others. The entire video is now on Youtube. Update: Well, that was fast. One version’s been pulled down, but more are popping up. I suspect they will all be pulled soon, unless the BBC realizes what great marketing this is for its brand in the U.S. People in the UK can watch it here on BBC’s iPlayer.

It’s kind of funny to watch. “Even the Queen is on Facebook,” the British reporter marvels. My favorite bit shows a Facebook vending machine that dispenses computer keyboards. The show goes over well-worn territory, but is worth watching if you can find an episode online. Zuckerberg throws out mind-benders like:

We are not trying to make it so that people spend more time on Facebook. We are trying to make it so that the time that you spend on Facebook is so valuable that you want to come back every day.

Isn’t that the same thing?

The BBC also asks about the privacy implications of all this over-sharing Facebook encourages.

BBC: Do you believe people will become more open, that they will regard privacy with less concern?

Zuck: No, it’s not that people won’t care about privacy. Privacy is a fundamental thing and everyone cares about it.
I think the big cultural change is that now more and more people are finding that they can build their reputation, they can disseminate interesting information, they can help people discover stuff, they get credit for that, they can be a part of discovering other people’s stuff. I just think that people are seeing every day that that’s awesome. And that is why I think the world is moving in that direction

But people every day also wake up and I think are like, what stuff do I want to have out there and what don’t I, and that is not going to change.