Government Greenlights Google’s AdMeld Deal

The Justice Dept. finally gave the greenlight today to Google’s proposed $400 million acquisition of AdMeld. The deal was announced in June, and the review took almost six months. The government will not impose any major restrictions on the deal, which is now free to close in the next few days.

AdMeld is based in New York City and previously raised a total of $30 million in venture capital from Spark, Foundry Group, Norwest, and Time Warner. It is an ad optimization platform, meaning that it helps websites figure out which ads will perform the best on their sites to maximize revenues.

Ad optimization is a well-developed part of the online ad industry with many players. (Crunchbase lists 748 companies tagged “optimization,” for instance). AdMeld will operate independently from DoubelClick for the time being, but Google expects to find ways to bring it together with its existing ad products for publishers, including DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange.