Going To Le Web? Maybe Get A Roaming SIM Card

Lord knows cellphone cross-border roaming is a nightmare, especially when Americans visit Europe only to find their data bill has exploded. Add iPads and smartphone and you have a recipe for a financial headache. It’s not something you want to happen when you hit Le Web next week. So startup people travelling from the Valley may be interested to know that Maxroam has just launched a new SIM card with 65 cents USD per MB with no monthly subscriptions or contract required.

Comparing the data rate with other other operators you can find that data can hit $20 per MB, which is quite some differential. The pricing applies across 43 countries worldwide, including Europe as well as major global markets such as India, Australia, South Africa and South East Asia.

To use the MAXROAM service, you order the SIM card from MAXROAM’s web site (www.maxroam.com), replace the SIM in an unlocked GSM phone, activate the card online and when arriving at your destination, start using data.